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55 textile industry standards such as knitted casual clothing released, implemented on July 1, 2020

Update time:2020-01-11

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Tech […]

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved 447 industry standards such as "Overall Technical Requirements for 5G Mobile Communication Networks and Core Networks" (see Annex for standard numbers, names, main contents and implementation dates), of which 32 are communications industry standards, and electronics industry standards 14 151 items in chemical industry standard, 8 items in petrochemical industry standard, 19 items in metallurgical industry standard, 4 items in non-ferrous metal industry standard, 23 items in building material industry standard, 39 items in mechanical industry standard, 3 items in automobile industry standard, 29 items in ship industry standard 2. 2 aviation industry standards, 68 light industry standards, and 55 textile industry standards are hereby announced.
The above textile industry standards are published by China Standards Press.
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